Sky Hulk

About Sky Hulk

What we have here is a reboot of the site that used to be at, except I've cut the apron strings of Wordpress and Divi and coded the whole thing myself. I started off with Zach's Web Zine 01 and Sam Muirhead's wrapped up in curly braces from solarpunk magic computer club.

What I liked about those zines is they were so slow-moving and calm, much simpler than I really needed, but they really helped get me thinking I could do something like this. And to be honest I eventually moved away from the way those zines showed me - but that's not the point. What bothered me about the platforms I was using before was that they were so over-featured for what I wanted. And most of today's web is no fun and too data-hungry, and I would rather be a part of something fun and small.

I have transferred over all the blog posts, with the exception of some short posts about books I'm reading, bceause I didn't keep it up and the format didn't work unless it was exhaustive. I also deleted the one genuine comment the old version attracted. Sorry about that.

Very much My First Website this is, and I intend to keep it very simple because I don't really need many functions. Comments, for example, are for the most part a lot like those litter collectors they install along the riverbank.

Likewise I haven't listed a contact yet as I don't want to cause myself any pointless work. If you're reading this you probably know who I am and how to find me anyway. If not, well, I might get around to it.

But I'll be very excited when I figure out how to make an RSS feed, let me tell you.

Much love to KO for hosting this site.