Some notes on the book I just finished, and the next one I’m going to read.

K. Sainz Borgo (2019). It would be night in Caracas. HarperCollins, NY.

When I bought this I did have an inkling that its politics might be a bit iffy to my mind. Well, that turned out to be the case. It’s interesting in that the reader (being me) gleaned the opposite to what the writer intended.

It’s a mean-spirited book, told from the perspective of the protagonist, a Venezuelan woman attempting to escape her life in Caracas as public order goes out the window. She’s ashamed of her country and most of her compatriots. She’s a Europhile, claims feminism but looks upon those women with closer ties to indigenous heritage than European with disgust and shallow judgement.

I can’t recommend this, but don’t regret reading it for what it reveals.

A. Moore, M. Gray, J. H. Williams (2001). Promethea, Book 1. DC Comics, USA.

A break from reading novels. On first look it seemed a bit superheroey, which isn’t something I’ve been into in the past. But the occultey aspects look like fun.