Some notes on the book I just finished, and the next one I’m going to read.

T. J. Entwisle (2014). Sprinter and Sprummer: Australia’s changing seasons. CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood.

I had for some time wanted to read something about a system of seasons that is locally relevant and considers more than just weather, when a friend told me about this book. Entwisle makes the point that seasons aren’t set by rule or regulation, just convention, and that Australia has carried the yoke of four European (or “Vivaldi”) seasons for too long. I am very much down with this idea.

Entwisle goes into detail about Indigenous seasonal systems all around the continent but doesn’t try to co-opt them. As a botanist, he does bang on a lot about flowers, sometimes going on a bit of an off-topic ramble, but it’s all pretty enjoyable.

He argues for five seasons in southern Australia (excluding only the sub-tropics and tropics), comprising Sprinter (Aug-Sep), Sprummer (Oct-Nov), Summer (Dec-Mar), Autumn (Apr-May) and Winter (Jun-Jul).

I’m quite keen to explore some ideas around seasonal change, environmental cues and comfort, and how these might be applied to buildings and such.

J. Demers (2015). Drone and Apocalypse: An exhibit catalog for the end of the world. Zero Books, Croyden UK.

Paraphrased from the back cover: This is a work of true fiction about a failed artist convinced that apocalypse is imminent who writes critical essays on apocalyptic tendencies in drone music and contemporary art. She also describes speculative artworks – works she never constructs – centred around the extinction of humanity.